What Will You Do When Quarantine Is Over?

Responding to a challenge from Bill and Renata – what will my first weekend out of quarantine look like? Assuming this is when everything is mostly normal and we can do these things…


Morning: Back in the office after months, my make up and hair will be done and I will wiggle into a pair of jeans that I haven’t worn since my last day in the office. I’m a little out of breath as a reach the office door, iced coffee in hand along with my lunch bag, purse, and laptop bag.

Afternoon: The office is normally quiet on Fridays, but a few people have come in and out through out the day. I ask if anyone wants a coffee from across the cafe across the street. I pick up a soda for my coworker and a medium cold brew with almond milk for me!

Evening: I will be tired when I get home, going into the office kind of drains me and I definitely won’t make it to the gym. We’ll order delivery from my favorite Greek place that has finally opened up and I’ll get a veggie gyro with french fries. We end the night with a movie because I’ll have more energy tomorrow for plans.


Morning: I’ll sleep in because I always sleep in on the weekends. When I wake up, I’ll get ready and jump in the car with my boyfriend and our doggo. We’ll stop at Dunkin where I’ll get a iced macchiato with a beyond sausage wake up wrap. We’ll drive with the windows down and one of my favorite playlists blasting.

Afternoon: We’ll drive to Portland, Maine and spend the afternoon outside. We’ll grab some lobster rolls and enjoy them outside where our dog can sit with us. We’ll take turns watching her as we hop in and out of shops and probably get another iced coffee. It’ll be one of those perfect sunny days where everything just goes right.

Night: We’ll drive home and have a relaxing night in. I’ll read a book and my boyfriend will play video games.


Morning: I’ll sleep in again, but I’m always in the mood for a Sunday brunch! We’ll head to our favorite brunch place and order a mimosa flight and breakfast tacos.

Afternoon: We pick up a few things from the nearby Trader Joe’s, including a bouquet of flowers to brighten up the apartment. We go from brunch to a nearby hiking trail. We walk a few miles, letting our dog explore a little and enjoying the fresh air.

Night: I’ll get back into my self-care routine that helps keep away the Sunday scaries. I’ll use a bath bomb and listen to my favorite podcast, put on some under-eye patches and watch a movie.


I challenge anyone who wants to write about this! It was fun to escape for a little while into a dream world.

20 thoughts on “What Will You Do When Quarantine Is Over?

  1. I appreciate how much coffee there will be in your first weekend of freedom!! Most coffee shops in the UK are closed and I don’t think I’ve been this decaffeinated since I was in the womb!

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      1. It’s not. Unfortunately, we don’t have any super good brunch places near here, but that’s never stopped me from making my fiancé drive us an hour for a good brunch 🤣

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  2. This super cute, as soon as I start down the path of returning to the real world I come up blank as it can be anywhere from a few months to a year. who knows where I’ll be! This seems like a cool challenge I may have to do as my next journal prompt thought, I love it!
    Thanks for sharing,
    xo Bri

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