4 Roadside Oddities On New Hampshire’s Seacoast

To continue with our roadside attractions series, we took a trip up to New Hampshire’s Seacoast to see some of the odd things we could drive up to and admire.

  1. The USS Albacore
    On a non-quarantine day, you can actually tour the inside of this submarine! We enjoyed it from the outside, the sub is kind of like a beached whale, just placed in a ditch on the side of the road. This was a Cold War experimental sub and the Navy still won’t tell anyone how fast it can go.

2. 16-Foot-Tall Beach Santa
Lucky for us, we got to see Santa in a different kind of time because here he is wearing a mask!

3. Witch’s Monument

Eunice “Goody” Cole was the only New Hampshire resident to be condemned as a witch, but died before the witch trials. When she died, the residents of Hampton reportedly drove a stake through her dead heart before burying her in an unmarked and now lost grave. Years later, the town felt guilty and built this in her honor.

4. Thorvald’s Rock

This rock has alleged Viking runes on it and marks the grave of Thorvald, brother of Viking explorer Leif Eriksson and son of Erik the Red.

Hoping to visit some out of state roadside oddities, but it’s so cool to see what’s in our own state!

10 thoughts on “4 Roadside Oddities On New Hampshire’s Seacoast

  1. Such a fun idea! My sister and her husband recently moved to New Hampshire so we have visited a couple of times now. I remember passing the USS Albacore when we were driving to base and my sister explaining it to us. I’ll pass this post along to her for some ideas! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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