Birthday Memories

I was challenged by Bill to share some birthday memories! My birthday was on May 31st, so I’ll share what I did as I turned 27 as well as some highlights from past birthdays πŸ™‚

My birthday can be a bit weird, sometimes it falls on Memorial Day. And I’ve never really had an over-the-top birthday celebration. This year, my birthday festivities were spread out. On Thursday, we went to Trader Joe’s which is one of my favorite things to do. We spent Saturday running errands which turned into us getting some brunch outside and picking up some awesome finds at a thrift store. I love when days turn into something new. And on Sunday, my boyfriend made me breakfast and we went up to the Lakes Region in NH and hiked a bit and picked up some sandwiches to enjoy on the lake front. It was a low-key birthday, but I enjoy lowkey.

Here’s some highlights from some of my other birthdays.

  1. For my 23rd birthday, my friends and I went to Toronto. It was a classic girls trip that was much needed after a year out of college. I would love to go back to Toronto.
  2. When I turned 18, it was actually our prom weekend. So I spent two days in Seaside, NJ doing ratchet high school things then spent my actual birthday with my boyfriend at the time.
  3. Somewhere around 15/16 I had a basement glow stick party at my house – it was extremely PG and just included pizza and a movie and highlighters. It was as cringe as a PG high school party could be.

Nowadays we normally try to travel for mine and my boyfriend’s birthday because we’re 15 days apart! We couldn’t do that this year, obviously, but quarantine birthdays don’t count in my book πŸ™‚

Leave a birthday memory in the comments, I’d love to hear some of your favorites (or maybe some of your not so favorable birthday memories)!

26 thoughts on “Birthday Memories

  1. I usually have pretty low key birthdays. They usually consist of family and a home-cooked meal of my choice. It used to be my grandma cooking dinner for me but now the torch has been passed to my older sister.

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    1. This is what my family does as well. Now that we are all “older” we simply have a meal together and spend time together. The birthday person gets to choose the meal or location to dine out. It’s a lot of fun and way less stressful.

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  2. A couple of memorable birthdays: For my 40th, my first book was published just a few months before: a memoir titled “I Am Not Stupid” which is about living with learning disabilities. It’s available through Amazon if anyone is interested.

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  3. I love my birthday and always try and do something, it usually falls around Easter and when we loved in Hong Kong it was β€œgrave sweeping day”.
    For my 18th I went to a nightclub and tried to kiss as many boys as possible! 😱
    My 21st I had the whole shebang, hired a hall and had a DJ and buffet and so many friends and relatives
    My 30th was spent in the ocean in a net that was pulled behind a boat in Australia with about 20 other people. That was very memorable as my bikini bottoms came off and I had to climb out of the boat half naked
    My 50th another party at home in Perth
    And my 60th in Bali
    Just had my 62nd ..most low key birthday to date πŸ˜†
    I think I’ve said enough!

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    1. I love it! Honestly it’s inspiring to hear people continue to enjoy their birthdays even as they get older. Your 18th birthday sounds a lot like my “senior sendoff” party when I graduated from college lol

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  4. Sounds like a wonderful birthday Rosie, those low-key quiet ones are often the best ever I reckon. Happy belated birthday though, twenty seven eh? So old. You’ve hardly got going have you? So many wonderful celebrations still to come.

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  5. Happy BELATED birthday! My bday was 5/23, and so I understand about the Memorial Day thing. For once, my bday fell on a Saturday, and I thought it was going to be quite boring, but my husband invited 3 people over, we ate, drank, and played games. I usually do have WAAAY over the top bdays, so it was kind of nice to just be home.

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  6. Love this. Just made a post myself about a birthday I remember from my childhood. It’s fun looking back on life and seeing how far we have moved forward. My birthday’s are usually spent at work but a meal with my parents usually happens within the week of my birthday.

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