How Summer Changes As You Get Older

There’s very little excitement that comes with summer as you get older. You wait all year for the weather to turn warmer only to still be inside Monday through Friday from 9 to 5. You wish days away, fight for weekends, manage your paid time off for a little freedom – but it just isn’t the same.

As you grow up, there are far less rowdy summer adventures. It’s hard to see your friends as you all grow apart and move away. There are more responsibilities and just less time.

All that on top of a global pandemic – this summer is kind of a bust.

We had so many weddings that we planned to go to this summer and all but one was rescheduled. All of our trips were pushed back. And we’ve held back on planning anything since the world is so uncertain right now. I have some plans for July laid out, but it feels like that will be the only part of summer we’ll be able to enjoy before there’s another shutdown again. (I’m a strong believer in the second wave).

I used to love summer. I’m thrilled beyond belief that it’s not cold out anymore, but I don’t feel like I even get to enjoy it.

11 thoughts on “How Summer Changes As You Get Older

  1. Summer was my favorite season, but as I started to get older, I realized I didn’t like it as much as I thought. I just liked the freedom with no school that summer brought. But I am with you on the second wave thing. I’m going to try to enjoy this summer (as much as you can enjoy a summer during a pandemic) because I feel like things are going to get even worse when fall rolls around.

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  2. Don’t give up on summer, it’s still the best! Current circumstances may end up affecting your expectations, but you can still seize the little moments, and you’ll appreciate them more. Carve your own path and don’t let the world get you down.

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  3. I think summer is always the most popular for children and young people but as you get older it seems to change to other seasons. I really love Autumn now, not quite so manic and busy as Summer. Hope that second wave doesn’t appear but I suspect you may be right.

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  4. I know what you mean! I miss summers as kid where I’d spend all day at the lake with my grandparents and cousins and then weeks camping with my family. Those were the days! Now it’s just work and a really short weekend. This summer is super weird too with everything being cancelled. Hopefully you are still able to enjoy a few things this summer. It’s such a scary and uncertain time right now!

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  5. Summer is definitely the best time of the year! However, I feel like summer is a feeling, like sunshine and escape and just complete freedom. Trying to look for that summer amidst this gloom:)

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  6. This was one of my greatest fears when college was over: not getting several months to relax anymore. 😅 The good part about employing myself is that I get to set my own vacation time. Last year, I gave myself 21 days. This year, I’m aiming for 30. Halfway through the year though and I’ve only taken 3 days! This recession is really ruining my holiday plans, but the year isn’t over it just yet!

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