The Body’s Reaction To Stress

Some people can really take stress. Some people really can’t. And then there’s me who pretends that I can take it and then my body starts falling to pieces because my bad mental health starts to leak into my bad physical health.

I can’t really see it coming. Like I know that I’ve been having a few stressful days and that my brain won’t let me sleep and I’m having a hard time getting to the gym. But then I let it build and I get to the gym and feel like I can barely breathe. My allergies start to fog up my brain. My muscles hurt.

I have a real physical reaction to stress if I start mismanaging it and my body is not shy in letting me know that I need to chill the fuck out.

For instance, my mind has been nonstop lately. More than usual because I am unhappy with the social climate of my country, I feel like I need to do more, and then on top of that there is a global pandemic, and on top of that work has really just been task after task with looming layoffs in the future.

PHEW. I got tired and stressed just typing that.

I was trying to counteract the stress in small ways. I did a face mask, I did a small amount of yoga, I went out for drinks. But in reality my body won’t feel better until my mind feels better, so I need to start counteracting it in much bigger ways with some brain breaks, activities that make me happy, and some time in the sun.

19 thoughts on “The Body’s Reaction To Stress

  1. I feel like our mind and body are one. Doing Yoga, being ourside, staying in close touch with my fam and friends and journaling have been my stress management and coping mechanisms. I am sure you’ll find yours soon and just know that time plays a big role in this.. I think we all need some time to really process everything that has been happening for the past months. Stay well and safe x

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  2. This post seriously hits to the core. I feel so similarly – I hate how everything feels so hard right now. My eczema has been unreal lately.

    But I hope you have more time to relax and recoup. And I hope that as the weather gets better, all of our spirits will lift. Are the beaches in NH going to open this summer?

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  3. I feel you. I lean towards anxiety though I’ve never been diagnosed with a disorder. My body will react to the pilling stresses before I do sometimes, so I make sure to do proactive maintenance to maintain a stable state and I add extra measures when the stress dials up. Meditation does help with stress management, but not in the way people traditionally believe. Meditation isn’t about clearing your mind of thoughts. Its about training your brain to focus and redirect attention away from the thinks we stress about to the present moment. The first few times, it will feel like nothing is working. But it is. If you’re willing to try again, just remember that if your mind wanders, don’t judge yourself for wandering. Just think “thank you for that” and return to the breath. The more often you do it, the left often your mind will wander BUT the benefits are mostly seen when you aren’t meditating because you’ll slowing find yourself reacting slower to stressful events and bouncing back faster. Not sure if that made sense. I started with guided meditations on the Calm app. But other than that, giving yourself grace when you forget to do the self care things or for having a stressful day. It happens. You’ve got this!

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      1. Aww, well I’m glad I explained it in a way that made sense. It’s hard trying to explain it to people who haven’t meditated before so I’m always hesitant to even say anything. And I have a love hate relationship with schedules, so…lol…I try and get in a few meditations per week and normally after the kids are in bed. Nothing long, at least 10-15 minutes. I enjoy the ones that you can do before bed laying down, too. Especially if I’m tired and sitting up feels hard. 🤣

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