The Art Of Taking It Slow

Taking it slow sounds easy enough. You’re trying to ease into a new relationship, tip toe around some things to avoid rushing in too fast and getting hurt. There’s nothing wrong with taking it slow. In fact, I would encourage it. Falling head over heels in love sounds nice and all – but it also sounds like a good way to end up disappointed.

But taking it slow really isn’t as easy as it seems. Because when it comes to love, almost everything is telling you to go faster. Your heart is beating faster. You want to smile more, hold hands more, touch more. You want to kiss more. You want to move faster. You want love all at once.

We all want love and the addicting feeling of being happy and feeling wanted. So when it comes to relationships, we want to tumble into it as fast as possible in order to feel the euphoria. Even when we swear up and down we’re going to take it slow, there’s just no stopping something that picks up so much momentum like relationships do.

All you can really do is take a couple steps back every once in a while. Breathe in the air. There’s no reason for you to sign away your commitment after a couple of dates – even if you feel that addicting feeling of love and would give it all right now.

If you can’t take it slow, don’t be afraid to take breaks when you can. Because when you’re taking it slow, the build up is subtle and sweet. When you jump in too fast, you’ll be just as quick to retreat.

Just because you’re moving at a snail’s pace doesn’t mean you’re not going to end up anywhere. It just means you get to enjoy the view a little longer.

18 thoughts on “The Art Of Taking It Slow

  1. Mrs M and I dated 5 years after I knew she was “the one.” More than 20 years later she’s still “the one,” and I have mixed emotions about the waiting game. But taking it slow worked out OK I guess. We didn’t “date” according to the modern definitions. We actually dated as in, we went out, we did activities like movies and events and concerts, and we went to our separate homes. For 5 years. She was gunshy because of a prior relationship. I won. And I’m still kind of happy about her, my trophy wife. ~DM

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    1. That’s the kind of slow dating I’m talking about and for the same reason! Though five years can be a while depending on how old you are. Glad it all worked out for you – I love hearing about successful marriages πŸ™‚


  2. First of all, thank you for following my blog. Hope that you will like some of the posts I have written.

    Taking things slow in terms of love is a good thing for personally. It is during this time that one will learn more about the other. Getting to know each other is much needed to know whether relationship should be the next step. Falling in love with someone’s heart and personality is better as looks will just fades away and that is what going to keep couples together. Much love ❀

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