Do I Know What I’m Doing?

Applying to jobs comes with a whole lot of imposter syndrome. I often scroll through jobs in my field and see one or two bullet points in job listings that I don’t completely understand and makes me wonder if I would be even qualified at all.

How have I worked in communications for five years and still don’t feel prepared for these jobs?

Realistically, I think a company would be open to training someone on one or two things. But my unrealistic brain just feels like a fraud. Should I know this lingo? Am I even suitable for this job? Would I be able to learn?

It’s been so long since I’ve felt like I’ve truly had to start from the ground up. When you’re first out of college, it feels much more acceptable to not know everything in a job listing. You’re entry level, someone should be there to guide you. But as I get deeper into my career, I doubt all of my qualifications. It feels like there’s no such thing as the perfect fit or I just lack the necessary skill sets.

10 thoughts on “Do I Know What I’m Doing?

  1. In my opinion, if you got your certification, you´re ready for the job. Nobody knows everything about anything 🙂 But your certification proves you have the needed foundation. You might need an update or read a couple of books about some specific area, but you´re ready for the job.
    Instead of second-guessing yourself, search more info about those bullet points you´re not sure about. I think it is a more uplifting option than thinking you are an impostor, which you are not.
    The impostors know they are, but they act as if they know everything (ironic difference).

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  2. I feel like this all time. Whenever I come across librarian jobs, I start to question all of my experiences. It’s a natural reaction when job hunting. Don’t question yourself. Remember that most jobs put a bunch of qualifications knowing that they most likely won’t find someone who fits every single bullet point.

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  3. Apply to anything and everything in your field that catches your eye. Our president is living proof that you can be anything you want in this country if you can talk a good game and have the AUDACITY!! 😂 At least you’re actually qualified. Good luck! Don’t forget looking into freelance writing work as well. ☺️

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  4. I have been working 9 years in a domain and I get the same feeling some times. But we cannot store everything in our brain and pop it out every time a question/topic is posed on us. Just go easy on yourself and keep learning. It’s all a part of the process I believe.

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  5. I went through this same thing when I was applying for jobs two years ago. Some jobs I could tell I wasn’t even close to fitting the description but then there were some that I was like, maybe I could do this, maybe not. And I did apply for a few jobs that I knew I’d never get. I just think you have to know what you’re capable of and what you would bring to the position. The right job will come along, it just might take a while.

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  6. I’m applying for jobs too and I feel the exact same way. It was definitely so much easier to apply for jobs right after graduating, I was willing to take up any job but after several years, my experience may not be what I like and it’s just so difficult to find a job that I like. But I believe we’ll just have to keep searching and applying and the job we want will come along. All the best to you and me!


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