How Losing A Job Is Like A Break Up

I’m bitter, I’m sad, I’m unmotivated. No, I didn’t get broken up with. I just got laid off.

It feels a lot like a break up, like losing a part of yourself. Because you put so much time and effort into this relationship, this job, just for it to end. And when you lose it, you lose a lot of the people that came with it.

Just like in a break up, his friends aren’t your friends anymore and while you may love your coworkers, you’ll start to drift apart.

The hard part about lay offs is the very short amount of time to say goodbye. There are a few people who will be able to reach out in the time you have left, but while you’re processing the news it almost feels like there’s nothing you can really say at that point.

There’s nothing I can say even now. It’s over, we’re done, goodbye. I’m in between the mourning period and just wanting to move on. Head into the next phase of dating, the awkward first dates, job interviews. Putting yourself out there and knowing there will be lots and lots of rejection.

But here we go anyway.

17 thoughts on “How Losing A Job Is Like A Break Up

  1. Sorry you’re going through this. It’s something that freaks me out a lot- I’ve been at my job almost 13 years now. That’s longer than my longest relationship! I want to leave sometimes, but I can’t even imagine starting over somewhere else. But…I know I could if I had to. And so will you. 🙂 Good luck!

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  2. It’s always so tough Rosie. Suddenly all of those people that were a huge part of your life are gone and you feel that loss along with the job. I guess most work colleagues aren’t friends but we don’t really appreciate that until they are gone. Hope you find something soon.

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  3. I think when I quit my job it was very much like a breakup as well. My job was pissed at me and called me multiple times. A manager even threatened me. She called to essentially say they knew where I lived. This was an American company while I was still living in Jamaica. They were pissed because I left after completing a class they paid for in payroll for a whopping $400 or something like that. All that fuss over $400. I told them to take it from my last paycheck if they were so butt hurt about it and they ultimately couldn’t because it was illegal. I didn’t sign any contract saying I had to remain with them after completing the class.

    All that to say….even when you’re the one who leaves, it can still feel very much like a bad breakup for other reasons.

    I hope you feel better soon and find something new. 🙏🏽

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  4. So much truth to this. It’s so painful to lose a job you know you were more than qualified to complete, but even more so when you realize you weren’t cut out for it but enjoyed it nonetheless. Great post!

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