Things I’ll Never Forget But I Wish I Could

I have to actively remind myself that the things I harp on and can’t get over, the things that embarrass me, don’t mean anything to anyone else as much as they mean to me. There are a few pivotal moments in my life that I kind of wish I could forget, but I feel like have stuck with me as lessons or just have warmed up to better memories. But I kind of wish I could forget…

I started writing a list of the things I wish I could forget and then was snapped into how superficial it all seemed. A lot of it had to do with boys. The time a boy made me cry in the hallway in high school, telling a boy who had no regards for my feelings that I loved and cared about him, making out with a boy at the bar (cringe).

And then I tried to think of things that happened with my ex because I held on to so much anger from that relationship and I could barely think of anything (except that time I texted my sister for his number in the middle of the night and pretended I butt dialed him – oops).

While writing a list, many of these things actually seemed pretty small. They really didn’t seem to matter anymore. I even looked back at this blog post and barely remembered the two embarrassing moments I had written about in there.

And while my embarrassing lessons haven’t all sunk in yet (will I ever realize my alcohol limit?), no one really remembers them except me. Even the moments that involved other parties, I doubt they care about it as much as I do/did. Time heals all wounds and sometimes, when the wounds are fresh, time feels so slow.

But I’ve forgotten a lot of the bad things now and I can do it again in the future.

19 thoughts on “Things I’ll Never Forget But I Wish I Could

  1. Sometimes its the small things that have the most effect isn’t it? Not always easy to forget but often easier to put into perspective and realise that they really are small and not important anymore.

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  2. I hear ya, Rosie! There are events from my own past that I have regrets over but like you I have come to realize that they are part of me teaching me valuable lessons.

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  3. We do hang on to things. Everybody you meet on an average day feels the same way. All of them have something that they just can’t shake. I could give you a mile long list of stuff and after reading it you’d come to the conclusion it’s just stuff. You’re not alone. We can shake as much as we want but there are things that will always stick to us.

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  4. I always let the littlest stuff trip me up and I worry about it so much when I’m reality it’s not a big deal. I’m trying to be better about letting go or just moving on and telling myself everything is fine.

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  5. I have a few of these moments that I’ve hung out to. I go over the things I said and did and still cringe. But in the end, it’s in the past and the other people who were involved have most likely forgotten the incident.

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  6. I’ve truthfully learned to let go of all my embarrassing moments. They happened for a reason & there’s nothing I can do to change them. I learned that people who are meant to be in your life will stay, no matter what absurd thing comes out of your mouth or whatever wild shenangians you pulled while too drunk. I think people are too busy thinking about themselves to worry about others, you know? I’m glad you’re learning the same. 💗

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  7. Time does help to heal, but not knowing how much time it will take is the hardest part for me. Letting go of the anger is so difficult. I find myself still trying. Thank you for sharing this. It is nice to be reminded we aren’t alone.

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  8. Reading back in my journal I have to laugh at what I was upset about back then. Now it’s just a memory and no one else cares either

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