When Times Are Tough, How Do You Cope?

My friend Bill asked me this questions as part of my nomination for the Liebster Award.

When times are tough, how do I cope?

I don’t, if we’re being honest. I’m pretty big on shutting down and ignoring the world when things begin to get too tough. My body even rejects the stress, I normally get migraines or a cold when I’m in over my head.

And times are actually tough now for me, so I guess I can speak from recent experience. Losing my job, applying to new ones every day, finding a house to live in, moving, and living in a pandemic. It’s a lot for me. It doesn’t take a lot for me to get stressed so…yea, I’m really stressed right now.

How am I coping?

I’m leaning a lot on my boyfriend right now, which he has been suspiciously taking very well. I can’t wrap my mind around basically anything outside of the immediate things that need to be done, so he’s been great with picking up the slack.

I also spend like a lot of time cuddling my dog.

Besides that, keeping busy is really the only thing that gets me through hard times. When things start to lull, I go into a state of questioning my whole life and needing things to be better now. Which isn’t always possible. And not just tough times like I’m in now. When I lose a family member or am dealing with a sick pet – things that really hurt my soul – I just keep busy.

Tell me in the comments how you cope when times get tough!

12 thoughts on “When Times Are Tough, How Do You Cope?

  1. In the same boat as well. I usually do one of three things….

    Make a blogpost about it (will publish or just keep it as a draft, jotting things down helps create a lot of room in the heart and mind)

    Try my hand at cooking or baking a new dish— (todays special…chocolate chip muffins 🤞)

    listen to music to drown out my sorrows (Try to mix up my playlist to lighten my mood..)

    Finally, I reassure myself that things will get better soon coz no matter how grim things may seem I try my best to hold on to Hope.

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  2. Rosie, I find my faith helps me get through troubling times especially now with the Coronavirus situation going on. Relying on loved ones also makes things easier.

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  3. I think, self-care is especially important during tough times…like, whenever I’m struggling with something big I deliberately try to take some time to cook a good meal, for instance or go for a nice walk – just to have a little break from all the thoughts and worries, you know?

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  4. I live by the mantra, “If you can’t look up, look ahead.” So, when things get sucky, I spend a lot of time either planning for when things are no longer sucky or daydreaming about when it won’t be anymore (if it’s something I can’t change by planning).

    Ultimately, it’s important to remember that sucky things are temporary. When it’s over, I always remember to look myself in the mirror and say, “See? It sucked but we made it. Next time, remember that. It won’t last.”

    After a while, you get better and better at it. I’m a pro now. 😂 I don’t know that it can work for everyone, but I’ve been doing this since 13 years old. I’m 30, so….so far, so good.

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  5. Keeping yourself busy is so important isn’t it? And getting out for walks and exercise crucial, helps so much. And nothing beats a cuddle with a dog! Hopefully your boyfriend gets a bit of a look-in with the cuddles from time to time. It’s all about trying to keep positive at times like this, not easy at all.

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  6. I don’t cope very well. When things are tough, I like to be by myself and just melt into the couch binge watching TV. I don’t wanna do anything. It’s not the healthiest but it’s the most I can get myself to do when I’m feeling really down.

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