If You Met You, Would You Like Yourself?

If I met me, I wouldn’t like myself.

I think I give a good first impression, if not good then I give off an impression that makes people want to know more about me. My boyfriend once described me as ~mysterious~ when we were friends of friends at college and even when we were first dating.

But unfortunately after that I think it all kind of goes downhill. I don’t have many outright likable traits. I’m not a good listener, I’m a bit selfish.

I have some good deep down traits that people close to me will see. Strong loyalty, a hand to reach to if someone is need of help, intelligent, funny if you like self deprecating humor. The most unlikeable of the likable traits if you ask me.

I also have this fierce competitiveness to be unique, a trait that is well described as a type 4 enneagram. So if I met myself and immediately realized this person is unique too, I would get defensive and insecure. A not so pretty thing to admit, but I like to stand out in one way or another.

So no, I don’t think I’d like myself. I have a clear view of all my flaws and I know I’m not the easiest person to put up with. I was in a sorority of 100 girls and came out of it with 5 friends so I know the likability odds are not in my flavor. I’m okay with not being everyone’s cup of tea and I’m working on loving myself for my flaws.


20 thoughts on “If You Met You, Would You Like Yourself?

  1. “You start off with the positives, which means overall you have a positive outlook so I think you’d like yourself!” — Literally the first thing you write after that you don’t think you’d like yourself is that you make a good first impression on people … so it isn’t exactly the opposite of what I wrote! 🙂

    But that’s what I find interesting about the whole thing … what people think and how they come to those decisions.

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      1. And I think that’s really instructive in terms of how someone approaches the question, because we both wrestled with the same issue … whether you were meeting yourself as a stranger or knew you were meeting yourself.

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  2. No-one’s perfect Rosie, we all have good and bad traits and nobody gets on with everyone. As long as you know your bad points then you can control them and cover them up if necessary. You sound pretty interesting to me.

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  3. I feel as though I am the opposite. I don’t make a good first impression. I probably come off as aloof and not mysterious. People mistake my introverted nature for something akin to disinterest and snobbishness. They don’t get to my finer qualities unless they hang around for a while.
    I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I always forget to introduce myself….even as I am asking someone their name.

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      1. Maybe someone should start a fashion line called Introvert…..off topic I know, but that is just what came to my head when I read your comment.
        Maybe the button could read:
        “Introverted……so, you know, don’t ask about it.”

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  4. What a brutally honest piece. I think we grow most as people when we can honestly look at ourselves for both our positive and negative traits. Sounds like people who DO like you would be people who appreciate you for who you are.

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