A Look Back At Our Time In New Hampshire

Why did I move to New Hampshire?

I was getting tired of my old position at my (now old) organization. I wasn’t getting along with one of managers and my job was a little monotonous. I said I needed a change or I’d be leaving. And we were at a point in our lives where we were willing to pick up and go and that’s just what we did.

How did it go at first?

I moved up by myself for the first month. I was textbook depressed. I enjoyed my work and putting all of myself into my work. It was really the only thing I had when I was up there alone. But it was the dead of winter and my boyfriend was taking a risk with his company by moving with me and I was just having all these doubts. I didn’t get along with my coworkers, it felt like everyone was actively working against me. I barely ate for two weeks.

But after that…

It got a lot better. It started warming up and we fell in love with New England. With going on hikes with our pup in tow. Exploring the endless historical towns and cities. Getting lobster rolls. Getting tattoos. Having friends visit us and showing them the city we love.

Did I get homesick?

Only when I had extended times without my family. Before COVID, I was home for Christmas and was supposed to be back to see my family in March. That was obviously cancelled. So I didn’t see them for almost 6 months at one point which is when I was getting really homesick for family. In the beginning of the move I missed the familiarity of New Jersey. Mostly Wawa, pizza, and bagels.

Do you regret it?

When we moved up to New Hampshire, it wasn’t for forever. We were giving it a couple years and then we’d move back. It ended up only being almost two years and sometimes I beat myself up about it because it’s my fault we’re leaving so soon and it was so much effort to move. But no, I don’t regret it. I learned about a whole different culture in the United States. A place where people live and die by living free or death. And I’ll cherish the memories, maybe I’ll be back one day!

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