The Girl I’ve Tried To Be

I’ve never really felt like I fit in. Being quite an introvert and a homebody, I’ve felt myself try to change on many occasions to please other people and to just be accepted.

I’ve tried to be the girl that was too cool for school. The girl that only kept a few friends, hated all her teachers, hated her parents, and just didn’t try very hard. It left me with only a few options for college and no friends after I left for college. I chose to be around the wrong people, so leaving them behind wasn’t hard.

I’ve tried to just fit in. I felt like I was inserting myself into other people’s friendships the first two years of college. Thanks to a couple of great people who helped me along the way, I found a group but had to do everything I could to actually become a member of that group. I felt lost, felt like I was being pulled in 100 different directions.

I’ve tried to be the party girl who just didn’t care. And I didn’t, for a while. It was probably the only time I felt people enjoyed being in my company but it was all an act. An alcohol-induced version of myself that was much more fun and much more charming than sober me. When all was said and done and there weren’t $2-you-call-its every Thursday-Monday in the real world – I was empty.

I’ve tried to be myself and that just left me more hurt than any of the facades. Every time I tried to push past my awkward walls and reveal the innocence inside me, someone would come along and damage it fast. To the point where I can barely see my old self anymore, to the point where I’m so guarded I don’t even know who to be.

So I retreat and stay where it’s safe. Make an appearance every once in a while, try to show the people I love that I love them without feeling like I’m trying to be something I’m not. The girls I’ve tried to be all haunt me, I’m just trying not to be a ghost of myself anymore.

19 thoughts on “The Girl I’ve Tried To Be

  1. I want people to like me in part because I am a people pleaser. Lately, I have shut that all down because I can’t do it anymore. I was never cool enough for many. I never got a lot of invites to do things. Of course, you wonder if there is something wrong with you that you weren’t good enough. Then you get to the age when all that doesn’t matter anymore.

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  2. I have an INTJ personality type, according to all tests. Yay, introversion! As another publicly-admitted introvert, I ask you to consider the following:
    -Stay true to yourself.
    -Love and protect yourself.
    -Do what’s best for yourself.
    -Treasure the people who accept you for who you are.
    -Remove anyone who seeks to redefine you from your life.

    I gave up trying to mold myself to fit the expectations of others decades ago. Today, the only expectations I strive to reach are my own. I live my life for me and as I see fit, and not for the acceptance of others. Please stay strong, young woman, and keep your course set to whatever destination you choose.

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