Completed Summer Bucket List

I wasn’t expecting this summer to be normal, but it certainly took a turn halfway through. Here’s what we did this summer, I’m looking forward to my favorite season – FALL! And hopefully some good karma coming my way.

  1. Go on a lake trip with my friends
  2. Go to the beach at least once a month
  3. Read 5 books
  4. Eat a lobster roll
  5. Have an intentional date night at least once a month
  6. Hike somewhere new
  7. Go to a sporting event
  8. Visit a sunflower field
  9. Drive up Mt. Washington
  10. Thrift more
  11. Visit a new brewery/winery
  12. Go to a museum
  13. Go kayaking
  14. See a drive-in movie
  15. Watch a sunrise
  16. Watch a sunset
  17. See fireworks
  18. Try a maple creemee
  19. See live music
  20. Get a job
  21. Move!

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