Stop Putting Me On A Pedestal

Dating is hard. In our culture, we mate for life. We find a person as soon as we can to marry and have children with and grow old with.  We have marriage benefits, we have joint bank accounts, and we share lives. That’s a very serious thing so the process to get there is very serious.

But there comes a time in every single person’s life when we get desperate.  It’s been a while and we’re lonely and we just want that chaotic, firework love that Edward and Bella had in Twilight (maybe not like them, maybe that’s just me).

So we begin to romanticize people, build them up to be better than they really are because that’s who we want them to be.

Stop doing this. Not only is it unfair to you, but keep in mind the person you are putting on a pedestal and how that hurts them.

Don’t tell me I’m perfect. Don’t tell me I’m the coolest girl you’ve ever met. Don’t tell me how much you like me right from the get-go. I’m not perfect. I’m not the coolest person ever. And you shouldn’t like me that much right now. By saying those things, you’re only making me realize all of my imperfections. You’re making me feel like I’m fooling you to believe I’m someone that I’m not.

I understand getting caught up in something new and exciting – but the pressure you put on people when you think they’re oh so amazing from the first day you meet is wrong. No one wants to have to live up to the fantasy you’ve built in your head.

Keep calm and keep realistic, otherwise you might ruin a great thing before it even starts.

8 thoughts on “Stop Putting Me On A Pedestal

  1. So right Rosie. We all need to be realistic when we start relationships and even when we’ve been in one forever (like us). No point in setting people up as perfect as there is only one way to go from there ……. down. Just appreciate and enjoy.

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