Knowing Your Worth – Even When You’re Unemployed

Unemployment really makes you struggle with your value and self-worth, especially as time passes.

It may seem like you should take any job that comes your way, it’s something I’ve struggled with during the process. I’ve applied to jobs that need way less experience than I have, pay way less than I was paid before. Through some convincing, I keep forcing myself to look at the bigger picture. I can’t just accept any old job, with any pay, at any location. Yes, times are tough, but this is my future career we’re talking about.

I’ve already been in a position where I was unhappy and employed, it was bad for my mental state. So if the hiring process is a little bit of a mess, I can already foresee what it will be like when I get the job. And that’s just something I can’t sign on to.

And salary really isn’t everything for me, but at one point I was considering a job that paid half of what I was making at my last job. HALF! And trust me, I was never making that much money to begin with.

I really have to force myself into a new perspective. I’m not just passing up every job that comes my way because I’m picky. In fact, I would probably be more likely to accept the first job that offered because of my imposter syndrome and hard time valuing myself. We have to value ourselves, our skills, and our time – because if we don’t, who will?

10 thoughts on “Knowing Your Worth – Even When You’re Unemployed

    1. I couldn’t agree. Something I was always reminded me to take care of myself when I worked a lot, because my job would have a job wanted and published before my obituary was published. I always made sure I was taking good care of myself. Learning to love myself was important, too.

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      1. Yes, this is true. And sometimes it’s better to remove yourself from this situation, before you invest so many years into your life with this job. Sometimes working at a place can really drain you, especially the ones where you feel like your job isn’t fulfilling. So that’s why it’s important for us to take of yourself. And always remind yourself you are more than just your job title.

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