Three Months Of Unemployment

I mean, ouch. Job searching has been more than tough. Some days I get a call for a phone interview and become hopeful, other days there aren’t any new jobs posted, and some days I find a job that might want me but it’s not the right fit for me.

Unfortunately, in this market it’s hard to be picky. I’m trying to move forward with my career, and while I can’t be picky, I still don’t believe that I should be taking jobs that will set me back five years.

It’s just a lot of ups and downs. Great jobs with no response, good jobs with delayed response, rejections, and endless zoom interviews.

I’m finally permanently in New Jersey, I’m hoping this permanence will lead way to a job as well.

I never really thought it would go on this long and eventually it seems like there’s no end in sight. Three months is a long time and it’s frustrating because I do have things to do each day, but nothing really feels fulfilling anymore. There aren’t many times in my life where I’ll be able to be not working. I really can’t enjoy it though, I’m ready to be active and intellectually challenged again.

16 thoughts on “Three Months Of Unemployment

  1. I feel for you and everyone else that has to look for a job at the moment. It seems you have to jump through so many hoops and it’s not just the one interview. The criteria to get a job is so high. I really wish you well and hope you can remain positive 🤞

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  2. It is tough. I am watching my daughter struggle trying to maintain a balance with hustling side gigs and not giving up on her hopes of returning to school and starting her career. It is not easy during this time for anyone looking for work. Thinking of you.

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