I’m Obsessed With Change

A lot of people are scared of changing. They are scared of the unknown and they are scared of their loved ones changing. Because when people change, you don’t always change with them.

But I actually love change. For four years of my life I was the same person, dating the same guy. I went into college and refused to change and it didn’t benefit me at all. It wasn’t until that relationship ended that I realized change just means growth and we all need to grow.

So I make big changes. I took a new job, moved out, planned trips.

But you can’t always make big changes. So I made small changes, too. I cut my hair, I picked up a new work out routine, and learned new hobbies.

And while a lot of people would be afraid to do all of these things, these are the things that keep me going. I get so bored by staying in the same place and doing the same things.

Sometimes I think my need for change makes me restless and can impact my relationships. Because if I get bored of my hair every month, what makes me want to stay with the same person every month? And if I get bored of the state I live in, how can I keep a job for more than a year? And if I feel my personality changing every couple of months, how can I hold on to my friends?

I don’t want to suppress the change, but I also don’t want to lose everything I love because I’m bored of things. So I work at the things I love and change them ever so slightly to keep them interesting. Eventually, I’ll be able to make the big changes. But for now, I love what I have and I keep them as fun as possible.

12 thoughts on “I’m Obsessed With Change

  1. Awesome I am with you I used to be afraid of change and now I embrace it and look forward to it. I also learned to value moments from change too! Glad you are embracing it as well!

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  2. I can somewhat relate to this. I get bored pretty easily and love to move on to the next when it comes to certain things – hair, clothes, etc. However, with the major things, I take forever to change them which I think is due to my leo loyal way… I just stick to it for a long ass time … sometimes too long but eventually I do change them and it always feel to get a refresher. Also, this post reminds me of a Jhene Aiko video where she expresses about the many times she changes in her life and I thought you may appreciate it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaF-pGyKaOg

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  3. Oh and I forgot to add that I think it’s super dope that you can move with the waves of change effortlessly. I admire that.


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