6 Year Blogiversary

My blogiversary posts are getting kind of ~depressing~ because 6 years of blogging makes me feel SO old. I started my blog in college so I am just at a completely different point in my life. It’s crazy to think about.

A couple years in I started using my Instagram for blog-like things and that’s when my blog really started to evolve. Now it feels more like a fun thing to update it. It’s been 6 years, I’m getting older, I have less glamorous things to write about, and Instagram is super draining. (Seriously, find me on TikTok.)

ANYWAY – I still do like to acknowledge my blogiversaries because as another year goes by, I’ve still managed to have this little community here and a blog that makes me happy. For my 6 year blogiversary, I’m sharing 6 fun facts about myself and I hope you’ll leave one about yourself in the comments!

1. If you asked me for a topic I could talk about for 15 minutes I would probably say leopard geckos

2. My favorite book is The Outsiders

3. I prefer raw vegetables over cooked vegetables

4. When I was a kid I was a cheerleader for my church basketball team and won spirit girl at a competition

5. I used to play soccer, I was a defender. It’s still my favorite sport to watch, Forza Italia!

6. I have a claddagh ring from Ireland, I’ve had it since I was a teenager and wear it every day!

Leave a fun fact about yourself in the comments so I can get to know you!

21 thoughts on “6 Year Blogiversary

  1. How long did you play soccer? I played as a kid through middle school, also defense. For a short while, I was known as the bulldozer because I was so much shorter than everyone else that I was able to just lean into other players and keep the ball. Lol. Then I gave up soccer for band and that was that!

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  2. Happy Blogging Anniversary. Fun fact for me … I am a contracted employee (more piece work really though) at a local college and my job is to act in simulations. I play different character roles whilst interacting with students in various programs so they can safely experience challenges that might arise through client interactions in the performance of their eventual employment duties. It’s great to get paid to act and I get to help students build on their skill set.

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  3. Six years in blogging time is an era!
    I get the depressing part of getting old but having 6 blogging years under the belt is still an epic achievement! May six more see you feel even older ;).

    As for a fun fact?
    I’m slightly obsessed with mermaids. I wanna be one when I grow up.

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  4. Happy Blogiversary! Sadly, I get the depressing thing as well. When I think back to when I first started blogging, I was so young.

    Fun fact: I eventually want to visit every Major League Ballpark. I’ve been to 11 so far.

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