October Recap

Favorite show: Schitt’s Creek

Favorite memory: I bought my nephew a rock tumbler for his birthday, every week I go to his house and switch out the grit with him and watch the progress. This will be our last week and I’ve had fun bonding with him over it!

Favorite place: No traveling this month!

Favorite Instagram: Lots of fall vibes and dog pics on my insta this month.

Favorite Tweet: Sophie is the real star of Halloweentown

One thing I did to get out of my comfort zone: Starting a new job in a pandemic was rough but I actually stayed positive through it all!

Favorite book: I started reading From Blood and Ash….and never picked it back up. I’m in such a reading slump!

Favorite blog post: starting a job in a pandemic hasn’t been easy

Favorite collab: Not many this month but that’s okay!

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