Losing Touch

I think a lot about how big the world is. How every person I meet is living as complicated and in-depth of a life that I am.

Sometimes I feel so wrapped up in my own stuff, my own mind.

And as I get older, my social circles get smaller. I’ve lost connection with people I knew 10 years ago, even 5 years. The circles I ran in drift farther and farther away from my current circle. I still care about these people, but life is complicated. I get wrapped up in my own stuff, finding time for my immediate circle but losing touch with everyone else.

It comes with a level of guilt. I didn’t even know a friend from high school passed away a year ago, I found out on Facebook this year. How did I not know?

Pushed to one of my outer circles, I had briefly spoken to him on Facebook messenger the month he passed away. And then I didn’t even see that he was gone.

It’s impossible to keep up with all the people I’ve cared about in my life. The people I’ve lost touch with. It’s why I’ve appreciated social media so much. But it still hurts when you feel like you could have done more, reached out more, to the people in your life that have fallen off your immediate path.

9 thoughts on “Losing Touch

  1. That really touched my soul, and I also feel the same way too, have been reflecting on my relationships to see how I can keep them. Its really difficult now days, even with social media, it depends on them too. Thanks.

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  2. It’s hard work keeping in touch with old friends but always absolutely worth it. Social Media makes it easier but sometimes when it’s so easy you just forget don’t you? Always worthwhile keeping connected to as many people as possible.

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  3. I feel like this too! I moved about three months ago and while I still regularly talk to most of my friends, it just isn’t the same as being able to jump in my car and be at their house in a couple of minutes. The way I see it is that not every person in your life is meant for every chapter of your life.

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