Get Out And Vote

Four years ago, I was laying in bed as the swing states results came in and knew that we were in for a rough ride.

It was an awful, pit in the stomach feeling. And I don’t want it to happen again. The last year has put a lot into perspective for me, a perspective I hope others have also seen.

So if you haven’t voted yet, please vote today. And don’t just vote for your well-being, but for the well-being of every individual you share this country with.

Visit for more resources.

4 thoughts on “Get Out And Vote

  1. You are so right , Rosie. This year more than ever we need to vote. I am 67 years old and I NEVER thought I would see my country be as divided as what it is now. It saddens me that we all allowed this to happen. We need a change. I don’t want to go back to those dark times in our country’s history, and that’s just what will happen if we have a repeat of 2016.

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  2. We’re nervous about it over here so I can;t imagine how you guys are feeling in the middle of it. Seems a real circus to the rest of the world and all of these legal claims not appear to make a bit of a joke of the whole election.

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