Stepping Back And Looking At The Positives

I think the last week aged me 20 years.

Not only was it the busiest week at work that I will probably see all year, but I spent so much time glued to my phone refreshing for election results.

And the news of Alex Trebek passing away was so upsetting.

2020 has just been such a defeating year. I haven’t been able to travel which, frankly, keeps me sane. I was unemployed for some time and had to move because of that.

The last week felt like a culmination of the whole year.

I’m trying to step back and look at the positives – because there are a lot of them. I’m so happy to see a WOC as Vice President, I’m happy to see representation and I’m hoping for a better future.

And while I was busy at work, I am so grateful to have a job and that I was able to find a job in such a terrible job market where tens of millions are unemployed.

It’s been quite a year, but we have to keep moving forward.

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