My Only Constant

Life changes, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly, but it never stays the same. People come and go, you enter new phases of life, and sometimes it’s just hard to keep up with the world spinning.

My only constant through my entire life has been writing. Well, not my entire life because I’m sure I didn’t start learning my alphabet until like Kindergarten. But as far back as I can remember, I’ve always been writing.

It started with tiny story books and short poems, then I moved on to short stories and bad poetry, and eventually I gave up on stories for a while and turned to blogging. Writing is the only way I know how to express my thoughts.

I have no aspirations to write a book or be published. It’s not really even something I thought would be the main source of my profession. But why not? Being a writer doesn’t mean being a novelist or a journalist. It means being able to find your way with words – even if that means PR writing, copywriting, or content writing.

It’s just who I’ve always been. When I stopped writing short stories and poetry, I didn’t really consider myself a writer anymore because I wasn’t doing anything of substance or creatively. But no matter how you write, if you love to write, then you’re a writer.

It’s been the only constant in my life. I have so many firm memories ranging from a story I wrote in 5th grade getting great feedback from my teacher to my 7th grade English teacher still encouraging me to write to this day. Even one of my high school English teacher telling me he knew I was a writer by the way I did our iambic pentameter assignment.

These moments mean so much to me and I’m not sure why it took my so long to realize that writing is what’s going to make me happy when it’s been there all along.

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