How I Got Into Embroidery

In an effort to find a new hobby where I could be create, I sought out a few options. One of which is crocheting and knitting which I’m not wild about, and the other was embroidery. I was inspired after seeing a video of a girl who found a half-completed embroidery project while thrifting and she finished it in honor of the person that couldn’t.

One of my first projects, from a kit I had bought online.

Since I had just moved to New Hampshire and had no friends, it was no better time for a new hobby. I started by ordering some kits on Amazon.

Another kit project, I liked this one the best!

I then inherited a lot of materials from my mom, my boyfriend’s grandmom, and thrift stores. I expressed my interest in embroidery and got a few gifts for Christmas that year to add to my collection.

I can’t draw so I think my best work is with the projects I get that already have templates or that I can trace. I love the artwork people can create by hand but I’m just not artistic enough for that.

Right now I’m working on a pillow design that I thrifted! It has a lot of space to fill in so it’s been taking me a while. I already have my next project in mind but I like to finish one before starting another!

Do you have any hobbies?

14 thoughts on “How I Got Into Embroidery

  1. I haven’t done embroidery work since high school! I also used to crochet.

    Before I started RVing, I used to paint. Painting equipment is heavy and bulky for RVing, so I didn’t bring it.

    Now, I guess my hobbies are mostly reading and exploring. Right now, I’m trying to stay put in California, though, so I haven’t had any adventuring since I’ve been here.

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