December Recap

The months have truly been flying by, September through December was a blur. But here is my recap of December, I hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday!

Favorite show: The Challenge

Favorite place: More time at home 🙂

Favorite Instagram: Dark hair don’t care

Favorite tweet: Merry Christmas!

One thing I did to get out of my comfort zone: I had to stand up for myself at work this month and I’m still uneasy about it and have to keep convincing myself I made the right decision.

Favorite book: Currently reading The Survivor’s Guide to Family Happiness

Favorite blog post: It’s been one whole year since I last traveled out of the country.

Favorite collab: Pop Zero Popcorn 😋

Tell me one of your favorite things about December in the comments!

One thought on “December Recap

  1. I am happy that Florida is having a cold spell! Honestly I am! We haven’t had a decent one in 2 years. It feels pretty good! I’m wearing a sweatshirt with my denim capri shorts and I am enjoying it 😁👍!

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