2020 Recap

I certainly had no idea what 2020 had in store for me. We started the New Year at a funeral actually, my aunt passed away from multiple myeloma around Christmas and it just felt very unexpected to me.

Later in January, we celebrated our one year in New Hampshire.

I started tracking my moods because everything just felt like it was going wrong in life and little did I know what was right around the corner. The beginning of the lockdown seemed like the perfect time to improve upon myself and I only thought it would be a few weeks of down time.

I celebrated my 4 year anniversary at my job (a lot of yikes moments while writing this) and 5 years out of college.

Lockdown went on wayyyy longer than we thought, all of our plans got cancelled including multiple weddings. We started exploring our own backyard to keep busy. My 27th birthday became a quarantine birthday.

And then I was laid off which came with a lot of imposter syndrome, doubt, and readying my resume to send out. It also came with the decision to move back to New Jersey.

We were able to celebrate our 4 year anniversary before leaving New Hampshire and living apart for a couple of weeks. I applied to over 50 jobs and was getting a lot of Zoom interview fatigue and concern that I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

But I did eventually get a job, and although starting in a pandemic was weird, I’ve started to get the hang of it.

And although it’s obviously been a crazy year and a year without the only thing that keeps me sane – travel – I learned a lot of things about myself. I pushed myself through hard times. I picked up new hobbies and made bread and pasta and started to work out again.

I hope 2021 is a better year and I know people suffered much more than I did in 2020, but I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned.

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