My Word For 2021

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know I gave up on resolutions a while ago and started choosing a word for the year – like a mantra. Resolutions have always been unattainable to me and I do better breaking down my seasons into bucket lists to actually get things done. In past years my words have been enough, presence, adventure, and acceptance.

I usually do an okay job at incorporating my word into my year, but 2020 really brought it to a whole new level. I had no choice but to accept what life was throwing at me and to roll with the punches. I had reached a point of exhaustion in trying to always learn, push forward, and travel.  I was having a hard time appreciating what I had and where I had it, 2020 made sure that I learned to love what I have. And in the end, while it was a terrible year, I’m proud of myself and felt a lot of growth.

For 2021, my word is well-being. I am a generally lazy person and just have not been doing a good job taking care of myself and doing what’s best for me. This really hits in all aspects of my life. I haven’t been good at reaching out to friends, I barely work out, I’ve been ordering food and not minding what I eat, I’ve been making decisions where my mental health just wasn’t my main priority and it needs to end.

We all need to take care of ourselves before we can begin to take care of others and I hope I can incorporate it into my new year.

17 thoughts on “My Word For 2021

  1. What a great idea!! Instead of doing resolutions, it’s a good idea to pick a word thatyou can focus on for the year. I’d love to read more about what aspect of well being you choose to focus on though

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