Standing Up For What You Believe In

If you were going to take a stand any year, it had to be 2020. There were so many things that I get I had to take a hard stance on.

And I tried to, but at the same time it gives me a lot of anxiety. Because not everyone’s going to agree with you and sometimes you’re going to be out in uncomfortable positions where you have to push back on friends, family, even your job.

In 2020 we experienced Black Lives Matter, a messy election, a pandemic, and while from my point of view there only seems like one right stance to take, not everyone feels the same way.

In some instances, I eliminated people from my life and in other instances I let conversations slide.

I want to do what’s right for everyone around me, but I also really need to do what’s best for myself. Even if that leads to awkward conversations, disagreements, and losing people.

I wrote most of this blog post before the Capitol was stormed by Trump supporters and it rings even truer now to stand up for what I believe in. But not while threatening people’s lives. While 2020 was the year of taking a stance, 2021 is the year where we hold that stance and hold people accountable for what they said they will do and what they have done.

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