Lately I’ve felt very uninspired by social media, and this is coming from a girl whose TikTok obsessed was leading to hours of scrolling.

Usually I like social media because I can learn new things, create fun content, and see happy people. And lately that hasn’t really been the case, everything has just been so heavy. While I would never try to ignore the news, I’ve just felt so consumed by it. I think we can all relate, the last two weeks year has been absolutely insane. I actually appreciate the people who make funny memes out of bad situations because the amount of “doom scrolling” that I’ve done this year has sincerely impacted my mental health.

I use social media personally, for my blog, and professionally. That’s a lot of time on social media, that’s a lot of time that I dedicate on three separate brands and platforms. Using it in all of these ways has just been a lot lately. I feel like I can never disconnect from work or negativity. It’s just always looming there. Which in general is why I started using TikTok more because it avoided those things, but even now it’s not a satisfying way to relax for me.

It’s just not something I’ve been enjoying lately. In the past few weeks I log in to post something but then log back out without engaging with others posts. It’s not really how I want to use social media, I want to support other people, but it’s just not something I can do right now.

So I’ll just continue to do what’s best for me and resume normal activities when I feel ready. Social media used to feel like an obligation to me and I feel like I just need to let go of that.

9 thoughts on “Disconnecting

  1. I can totally relate to this. social media has taken a negative turn with a lot of heavy information consuming your feeds. I totally understand feeling the need to take a little break from apps to give yourself time in the real world doing things that make you happy. Stay positive girly you’ve got this!

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  2. I absolutely am feeling this. I’ve felt that last year but this past week? It’s been A LOT! I’m quieter on here but still wanted to establish a presence (from a business perspective) and start the new year off with more attention Instagram. That being said, the world still feels too heavy so I’m not on there as much as I hoped. Maybe that will change but for now it’s nice to know Im not alone. When in doubt, I’m infusing liquor – haha

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  3. I hear you! I went on a social media break several weeks ago…time for a little self care! Social media can be wonderful when used for the right reasons…but these days it’s used for so many reasons. Great post! You have to do what’s right for you!

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