Stop Trying To Impress People Who Don’t Deserve You

We’re all perfectionists – there are different degrees – but we all want to be some sort of perfect. We want to look like the girl in the magazine, have a relationship like the one in the movies, excel at our jobs like a millionaire, or be the perfect family member like we see our friends being.

Rarely are we motivated by ourselves. We are motivated by people who don’t think we’re good enough. The people who give side glances when we’re in a bathing suit, the boss that rolls their eyes at us, the family member that is fed up with our mistakes.

And we consistently are trying to impress people – but are they always people that matter?

When you’re waiting for someone you went on a date with to text you back, you start evaluating all the things you’ve done wrong. But do they deserve that? Was there such a connection that you need to go out of your way to tell your best stories, be some fake version of yourself so they’ll like you? Do you really even like them?

And when your boss or your friend or whoever it is is telling you you’re failing no matter how hard you’re trying – are they really worth it? Are they really making you happy? Why are you trying to impress someone who adds literally no positivity to your life.

You should be the one that’s motivating you. You should know that if a guy doesn’t like you then he’s not worth it. That not every person you go on a date with is worth worrying over and killing yourself to try to impress them.

You should be the one that knows you can excel at a job or can lose the weight or can do something that makes you happy.

Stop trying to impress people that make you feel bad about yourself, that add negativity, that are just not worth your time. They’re not worthless – they’re just not worth it to you. Be your own kind of perfect, impress yourself and impress the people that truly matter and deserve to matter to you.

45 thoughts on “Stop Trying To Impress People Who Don’t Deserve You

  1. There is something oddly powerful about intimate relationships. For some reason, I have absolutely no problem not paying attention to someone that I am not intimately connected to, but the power of an intimate relationship over my is…..hmmmm….overwhelming a majority of the time. For some reason, I often find myself giving into someone else’s needs over my own. It’s a tough place to be, because most people are taught that self-sacrifice is what demonstrates love, so it goes against out sense of right and wrong when we put someone else on such a huge pedestal and begin to forget what is important to ourselves.

    It’s finding a balance that is tough…

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    1. That is really true, and I feel that a lot of people will eventually come to realize how little of themselves they have left in a relationships. Especially if they happen to break up. It makes the recovery process so much harder because you were so dependent on focused on someone else and now you’re all alone. The balance is really important

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  2. Agreed. I would take it a step further. Stop trying to impress people, period. Be yourself and stop caring about others’ impressions of you.

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  3. This is great because I wrote something similar to it very recently as I just went through something like this. I did so much for my girlfriend when she showed zero interest in me and didn’t appreciate anything I did for her. We broke up recently and I kept wanting to talk about things with her but then looked back and realized, she just didn’t care so why does she deserve my care?

    You shouldn’t have to impress anyone or even yourself. Impression is all about who YOU ARE. Not what YOU CAN DO. Be proud of your hard work even though it hasn’t paid off yet. Be proud that your a kind person when others bring you or others down. These are the things that leave lasting impressions and if someone does not see it, their loss.

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      1. You can tell yourself to be happy but sometimes it is difficult to actually go through with it. However, you also can’t rely on someone else to make you happy. You need to make yourself happy before you can share that with someone else. But (and if you saw my last post) somethings can happen that make happiness very difficult without strong support. In the end, we become stronger.

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  4. Reblogged this on K. Phoenix and commented:
    Great post on stop trying to impress people. Always be yourself for you are worth greatness. Not everyone going to want to be in your corner, yet you have to move forward regardless.

    Go visit Rosie at Hookup Culture so she can tell you more. 💜

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  5. I’m trying to let go of a “friend” who has ghosted me for the millionth time over the past 9 years, and I do not why I keep holding on as if this behavior is going to change. This person shows no interest and doesn’t even try to make this friendship work anymore. And yet, I continue to give myself mental agony by keeping this person in my contacts.

    His words from many years ago: “Ex’s can’t be friends.”

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  6. It is very difficult to build myself when all the time my family keeps saying how ugly I am and how bad I look on the dresses I wore. I stayed awake all night thinking, if I were born beautiful life would be better for me. They will treat me better than this.


  7. “Why are you trying to impress someone who adds literally no positivity to your life.”
    Love this! This is so true. I don’t know why we constantly look to others for validation. I’m so glad I’m finally at the point in my life where I’m comfortable with myself, my life and my goals and no longer compare myself to others. A few years ago I got off of social media and my mental health and self-esteem improved immediately. This reminds me of Galatians 6:4,5 which says, “But let each one examine his own actions, and then he will have cause for rejoicing in regard to himself alone, and not in comparison with the other person. For each one will carry his own load.” Thanks for this reminder!

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