Who You Were Before You Were Broken

We all change, it’s inevitable. We grow up, we experience new things, go through phases, meet new people. We take every little experience and slowly it changes us into a different person over time.

Sometimes we anticipate change, sometimes we’re thrown into it head first.

Something that will definitely change a person is heart break. Getting your heart broken causes you to feel a lot of emotions during a time where you’re just trying to get better. You were in a beautiful relationship, you were happy. It ended, you’re distraught. You’re trying to get over it, you’re okay. He’s dating someone else, you’re devastated.

It will wreak havoc on who you were.

The person you change into is in no way a bad version of yourself – just very different. It may not seem that way to you, because you went through it all and understand the outcome. But one day you’ll wake up and realize you’re nothing like you used to be.

Along with the inevitable change is the inevitable way we will sometimes revert. When we change due to small happenings in our life, it’s often because we are becoming someone who can protect themselves from hurt. But there comes a time when that wall can tumble down a little, where you can become who you were before you were broken.

It’s someone you faintly recognize – there’s an innocence again, vulnerability, and openness. It’s someone you remember, but had at one time completely forgotten she existed. You are becoming whole again – you are feeling yourself and remembering yourself as a whole person again.

Any way you change, make sure it is for the better. Don’t be afraid to keep growing, don’t be afraid to revert if that’s the right thing for you. A broken heart may disguise you for a little bit – but you will be whole again one day. You will be who you were before you were broken, but better.

27 thoughts on “Who You Were Before You Were Broken

  1. This is personally so empowering for me- for a year I was in an extremely abusive relationship that truely broke me- coming out of it with “extreme anxiety and severe depressive symptoms”. But as long and I can keep heading towards someone good- someone who I want to be- it will all be okay. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  2. I’ve been thinking about this, myself… thinking how far did I go to not recognize who I am and to have forgotten who I was at a simpler, more energetic, fuller time in my life. Thanks!

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  3. Wonderful post and so much truth to this Rosie! It’s the sad reality that often it is the emotionally scarring incidents that lead to change in our lives. But we need to move on, and learn to let the good moments in life shape our characters.

    And rather than being bitter in life, we’d certainly be better off as positive souls with hope in our hearts! Lovely message and I really liked the post, cheers 💕

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  4. Change can however over complicate things. We change and we might change back to a resembling person we used to be, but we never will be the same again. Hurt has a way to leave a mark.
    Are we not looking behind us to much. About who we were? Did we not get wiser, better and smarter the times we failed? Heartbreak is killer and I still feel it every day. Looking back only increases the hurt.

    “I once was what I disliked and even now I am far from perfect.
    I have changed but won’t change for anyone.
    What was still is, the changes irreversible but not undoable.
    Not now wanting to be how I was or am.
    Letting the choices become the man I am today or tomorrow.
    Without regret of the change I keep moving forward.”

    Sigh, as you can see a shadow has been cast over me. And though it is raining I am looking up and ahead.

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