January Recap

We are somehow a whole month into the New Year. A lot has changed and a lot hasn’t, but I still have more hope for 2021 than I did for 2020. Here’s a recap of my month!

Favorite show: Bridgerton

Favorite memory: We spent a weekend down the shore and it was a much needed break from my current life of alternating between my office and my apartment.

Favorite Instagram: I am very obsessed with my new Letterfolk welcome mat

Favorite tweet: How are people so smart?

One thing I did to get out of my comfort zone: I went to my DMV appointment by myself lol it was ~stressful~

Favorite book: In Paris With You

Favorite blog post: 6 Things I’m Doing to Improve My Attention Span

Tell me one of your favorite things about January in the comments!

3 thoughts on “January Recap

  1. Hi Rosie
    I also loved Bridgerton but binging on Money Heist
    Favourite film ..A Promising Young Woman
    Other favourites ..having a dip in the ocean
    My son and his girlfriend were here until 10 January
    The best though seeing my grandchildren ..Lachie and Rosie ! Two and a half and four months

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