Is Your Relationship Special?

A huge part of entering a new relationship is the feeling of “wow, I’ve never felt like this before.” It’s a blossoming love that doesn’t compare to your old love or old relationships. That’s why you wanted to commit, that’s why you wanted this person to be your partner, because they are special.

But are we all special? Is every relationship we enter actually special? I never entered relationships lightly, so every boyfriend I’ve ever had was better than the last. Because I learned from past mistakes and past exes, I don’t believe in committing unless it’s something special.

The less relationships you’ve been in, the easier it is to pinpoint who is special and who isn’t. If you haven’t dated someone in a long time, it’s easier to feel that wow moment because it’s been so long since you have even felt for someone in that way.

But to the people who have been in more relationships – is every one special? Is each relationship better than the last? You recently felt strongly for someone, but now you feel strongly for someone else.

It’s possible that your relationship could be extremely unspecial. Because instead of moving up, you just move forward. You just settle where the happiness brings you. And that’s all fine and good – but there is still the possibility that you could be in your last relationship and be happy, you never needed to move on. Because in your new relationship, you don’t have that feeling of “wow, I’ve never felt like this before.” You have felt like this before.

Not every relationship can be fireworks and fairytales, but everyone in some way wants to feel special. Different experiences have us tackle dating in different ways. Ways that may be  hard to understand to others.

13 thoughts on “Is Your Relationship Special?

  1. I definitely feel that each relationship can seem special, at first…I think only in looking back on relationships that didn’t work out can we say whether there was a real “specialness” there or not. I do also know that I can feel like what I currently have is very special, and I have very little doubt that I will always feel that way — it feels different when you find someone that you are pretty sure you want to take all life’s journeys with.

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    1. That’s definitely true, the newness of it all often makes it special. I feel like moving forward you can know when a relationship can be better than your last, but while in it you don’t know if that special feeling will last.


  2. I feel a relationship can be special because everyone is unique.
    No two people are exactly the same. So they can invoke different emotions in varying degrees in us.
    Different people can bring out different sides in us.
    So yea. A relationship can feel really special to the individuals in it.

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  3. I think every relationship is unique and special in its own way. Best to just enjoy them in the moment rather than analyse though. Never compare relationships just experience them as they are.

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  4. Relationships are special if you know what you want and don’t know what you’re doing. The second you know what you’re doing, personally, I believe you’re screwed. It’s not fun or exciting anymore.

    I love your read. It gave me butterflies as I fantasized about my loved one.

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