The Matcha Showdown

Matcha isn’t my go-to drink, but I do enjoy it! I saw that some of many coffee places have been promoting matcha lattes for spring, so I thought I’d give a more in-depth review.

Dunkin’s Blueberry Matcha Latte

I was honestly surprised at the flavor of this. Sometimes Dunkin’s flavor shots can have a very artificial after taste, but the blueberry flavor shot was good! Not a lot of matcha flavor, but overall it was like a very light earthy blueberry milk. Not sure why, but it reminded me of blueberry Eggo waffles which is definitely not a bad thing.

Starbucks’s Pineapple Matcha Drink

The pineapple in this drink feels much more appropriate for spring. The pineapple flavor is strong, but I do feel like there’s a little bit more of a matcha taste than the Dunkin latte. It was very refreshing!

The Wildcard: Wawa’s Matcha Foam

If you’re outside the New Jersey tri-state or Florida, you don’t have a Wawa so this doesn’t apply to you. BUT this was the best matcha drink. It actually had that green tea taste, it wasn’t sweet, it felt very authentic. I got mine with skim milk and foam, but they have many options where you can combine it with chai, vanilla, etc. Would definitely recommend!

Wawa is the clear winner, but if you don’t have one near you then the next best option to me is the matcha pineapple from Starbucks. It was more spring-appropriate than Dunkin’s and I just like the flavoring a little better.

Are you a fan of matcha?

11 thoughts on “The Matcha Showdown

  1. Oooooo now I’m excited! I’m heading to visit my parents next weekend (and do a boudoir photoshoot for my birthday) and there’s a WaWa by them. I’ll have to stop and get one. 🙂

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