The Evil Eye

I’ve taken to wearing an evil eye ring every day for the past couple of months because I’ve just felt like I needed extra protection. I found the ring in a thrift shop in New Hampshire this summer and it just felt like it was meant to be. I think there’s something very special about happening upon items like this, like they were destined to be yours.

The evil eye is believed to be a kind of supernatural force that casts or reflects a malevolent gaze back-upon those who wish harm upon others, but the meaning differs among cultures. Read more about it here.

I was introduced to the evil eye at a young age. My uncle is Turkish and my aunt would visit Turkey every year and bring us back loads of evil eye jewelry. Looking back, I wish I still had it. But I was so young and things just got lost through the years. And even then, I didn’t know how important of a symbol it really is!

The message means a lot to me now. I do really believe in putting faith in these external forces, especially when you don’t really feel like you have the energy or ability to put faith in yourself.

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