I Still Think About My Exes

I haven’t had contact with any of my exes in a long time. Luckily, I don’t think any of them care about my blog anymore because I know they’d just be tickled to know I still think about them sometimes.

Of course I do, how could I forget? I still think of the time I got way too drunk at a casual get together in college and the time my middle school “boyfriend” broke up with me through his AIM profile. I think about everything, including my exes.

It’s just here and there, I don’t really follow any of them on social media so that made it easy to escape them. But sometimes a photo comes up in my Timehop, or I tell a funny story that included them to my friends, or I drive by a place that reminds me of them.

And I think about the good times we had a lot. It used to be only bad things, sometimes it still is. Sometimes I still cringe when I think of how many times I drunk called my most serious ex or how I completely shattered the trust of another. But I try not to cling to those things anymore and choose to remember better times. Sometimes I think about how I made the first move and asked him to our sorority date party, how I used to draw all over one boy’s arms in high school during class, how another one used to piggy back me from the driveway to my front door.

But all of those thoughts are very fleeting, that’s the key here. It is of course okay to think about your exes, they were a huge part of your life. I dated one of my boyfriends from age 16-20, that is a very defining chunk of my existence, without him it would’ve been and with him it still was.

If you think about them more than just some fleeting moments, though, you may not be ready to move on. You may not be ready to build another life separate of that heartbreak. And that’s okay too. We can’t just bury our emotions and expect them not to rise from the grave like zombies eventually. We have to accept the things that made us who we are, whether we like them or not.

17 thoughts on “I Still Think About My Exes

  1. It’s funny that I read this having just had a random, weird dream regarding an ex. I’m quite lucky in that I’ve had pretty amicable break ups (after some time has passed)

    But it’s totally normal to think about an ex in relation to the lesson, but not be totally defined by it. Another insightful post! 😊

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  2. I think about the good times with a lot of my exes, too. Actually very recently I went onto FB & was curious to see what all of em were up to but I noticed 3/4 of them had deleted me?!

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  3. It’s so strange how exes can just pop into your mind. I was only involved with two guys before I met my husband and they weren’t even that long of relationships, but every now and then ya I’ll find myself thinking about something we did together or something that happened between us. I wish I could expel them from my mind altogether, but I think it’s okay to think about it sometimes, because it helps me be oh so grateful for the man I married and the life that I have, you know?

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  4. I think it’s harder to let them go the longer we’re with them. With the guys I dated, it was very short-lived. I don’t think about them and I highly doubt that they think about me. I don’t talk to any of them.

    There’s one who talked to me for several months but it was entirely online. We eventually met in person 8 years later. Then a couple months after that he ghosted me. 🤷‍♀️ It’s the ghosting that bothers me. Why do people do that?

    The main reason I left social media was due to some ex-friends from high school. Broken Friendships can be just as painful as break-ups.

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  5. Good points.

    I’ve often felt like I have a hard time putting things in the past. I don’t feel a particular desire to get back together with any of these people, though.

    It is possible for me to mostly forget about someone, though… well, at least until I start digging around in my past because I got a great idea for a blog. 😂

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  6. We are allowed to express . It’s natural and it’s okay.
    We can’t decline which the things that made us who we are .
    I absolutely agree with your every word .
    Love the post ❣️


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