3 Must-Buys And 3 Must-Skips For Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! In the past few years, I’ve been making a lot of changes to be more eco-friendly. Sometimes, this kind of journey comes with trial and error. Below are some must-buys and must-skips that I’ve come across along the way.

Must Buy – cloth napkins/dishtowels
At my boyfriend’s upmost frustration, I don’t use paper towels unless there is an emergency where we’re cleaning something that needs to be disposed of. Cloth napkins and dishtowels are an easy switch to make and when they get raggedy you can keep them around for rags for cleaning!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Must Buy – Face Halos/Makeup Eraser
Instead of cotton pads, opt for face halos! These are a great reusable replacement for your skincare needs.

Must Buy – Can covers
We eat a lot of beans in my household and one of our favorite things have been can covers so we don’t need to use another Tupperware, they also work way better than plastic wrap when it comes to keep things fresh!

Must Skip – Bamboo utensils
Just use your own utensils, like you don’t need bamboo ones to bring to work when you already have a drawer full of silverware.

Must skip – Beeswax coverings
These to me just don’t work right and are hard to clean, I’d prefer to just use tupperware with lids or my can covers.

Must skip – Reusable coffee lids
We bought these with all good intentions, but there just aren’t many scenarios where you’re being given a coffee that doesn’t already have a lid on it.

What has been your favorite eco-friendly buy?

10 thoughts on “3 Must-Buys And 3 Must-Skips For Earth Day

  1. I love finding vintage Pyrex refrigerator dishes at flea markets. Those things have been around for decades, they are sturdy, and they keep food nice and fresh in the refrigerator. I have a whole assortment, and all the lids are interchangeable so no fumbling around for the right size. I also use my canning jars for anything liquid, and have some silicone reusable sandwich bags.

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