My Botox Experience

As we all know, I have an extreme fear of getting old. It really haunts me and every day I feel like I look older and older or like I’m trying too hard to fit in with the youngins…I’m not even 28 yet and I have to keep telling myself that I’m not really allowed to feel old until I’m in like my 50’s.

So I ventured out to get Botox for the following reasons:

  1. I am very expressive, I move my eyebrows a lot and I’m beginning to get lines on my forehead
  2. My make up settles in these lines making them much more pronounced
  3. The earlier you start Botox, the more you halt those lines from settling in and the easier Botox will be down the line
  4. The earlier you start Botox, the less risks you run as you get older because you have a sort of tolerance

What do I mean by risks? If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you’ll see some people sharing bad experiences. Collapsed eyebrows, drooping eyelids, etc. Unlike filler, Botox can’t be dissolved so if something does go wrong, you have to live with it for the next three months.

And these kind of accidents can really happen to anyone and any injector, it can just be bad luck sometimes. I go to a PA in a dermatology office to get my Botox, some people go to plastic surgeon offices, some people go to centers solely designated to injecting.

The first time I got Botox, the injector noticed that I clench my jaw and have an uneven face because of it. And I do clench my jaw A LOT, so we tried Botox there to help. Unfortunately, my anatomy differs from your average person and the Botox diffused a little too far. In this instance, I had a lopsided smile. It sucked, but luckily with masks and everything it was a quick 4 months. I also got wayyyyyyy too much in my forehead, which was a learning lesson for us. I couldn’t move my eyebrows for like 3 months woops.

Anyway, this time around I got 20 units in my forehead to help with the aforementioned issues I have with my face. It is $16 a unit where I go. I’m happy to report my fine lines look much better, there were no side effects, and I can still move my eyebrows. Botox really doesn’t hurt at all, maybe a slight pinch in some sensitive areas.

If it’s something that bothers you and you have the means, then I would recommend getting Botox! It was a really small change for me that just makes me feel overall better about myself.

9 thoughts on “My Botox Experience

  1. This was so helpful/interesting! I’ve been looking into Botox because I also have some lines setting in from my forehead. But I’ve been too nervous to do it because of the possible bad out comes. However, this post helped a lot!

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  2. Rosie, I think you are WAY too young to be getting Botox! You are only 28 years old! I’m going to be 44 in a few months. The aging process is starting to show itself more and more but I LOVE it! I am grateful for every wrinkle! Every age spot! I especially love every gray hair that keeps popping up! To me these things are gifts for having truly lived! What you are going through is a gift, Rosie. It isn’t a curse. You are in the prime of your life and from what you have described, it sounds like you have a great one going for you. Appreciate that! Focus on that!

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  3. I appreciate your candidness in this post. I am in my mid-30s and definitely showing signs of aging. I haven’t gotten Botox yet, and I appreciate the decision not to get it and to embrace aging…and I also work in a more appearance-driven industry and I appreciate the choice to get Botox as well. I’m honestly not sure where I am going to ultimately land. It’s not something I’ve felt a need to pursue yet, but it’s also not something I would never do, you know? In any case, I found it helpful to read about your experience.

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    1. Thank you! I definitely wanted to be honest about it because I feel it’s kind of taboo and when people think botox they think of very plastic looking people who can’t move their face. Getting it is fine and not getting it is fine, it’s definitely a personal choice 🙂


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