Is Blogging A Dying Art?

I feel like having a blog is very millennial of me. It’s becoming apparent to me lately how much I differ from Gen Z, and in some ways don’t differ from them. But as I continue to explore the world of content creation, it really feels like blogging is a dying art.

Besides being a way to boost a website’s SEO, blogging is just not what it used to be. People don’t like to read anymore, they like to consume quickly. Which is funny to me because I like to read because I can consume it quickly, I feel like it takes much more brain power/attention span to watch a video or listen to a podcast.

This probably has more to do with me being a writer than me being a millennial.

As my blog stats go down, my IG reels stats go up. It makes me realize even more the importance of cross promoting your channels, because I can truly only post so much in an instagram caption or video so I need to direct people elsewhere.

For a short while, I used my blog as an “influencer” type platform. But that’s never really what it was or what it was going to be. My niche is too all over the place, I write what I write because I feel like writing it and feel like getting it off my chest. That doesn’t appeal to everyone, and I get it.

It feels like blogging is a dying art unless you are very niche with something like cooking or travel where people need a lot of tips and direction. I can even see it in my audience trends, I used to get a lot of newcomers/young people to my blog who would ask me for advice for their blogs and lately all I see are people around my age and older.

I like the exclusivity of it now, just me and my internet friends who appreciate blogging, but it is sad to see something come in and out of trend.

42 thoughts on “Is Blogging A Dying Art?

  1. I hope it’s not a dying art! I love discovering a new blog whose voice I can so relate to.. But I see what you mean.. Lately it seems like it’s all about the likes and followers and the quick consumption of content as you say… Are ppl actually reading what I’m writing or just liking it for attention for their own sites? 🤔🤔

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  2. I completely agree with you, it feels like only bloggers (what’s left of us) care about bloggers anymore. I think people really like multitasking nowadays, so a podcast is easier for them while reading a blog post requires their full attention…unfortunately.

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  3. I understand how you feel. Most people don’t want to read and just want like for likes. I like blogging for the interaction with strangers and I see the same people commenting and have since struck up relationships with them. On IG the only people who intereact are friends and weirdos. 😂

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  4. I’ve got to say that I think blogging will never die, because there’ll always be an audience that prefers reading to other mediums. But even if it goes out of style, I’ll probably stick around because this is MY method of expression. Thanks for this post!

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  5. I don’t get the preference for video or podcast either. I also think that takes way more attention.
    It might be that blogging is less popular. I don’t know that monetizing blogs is as realistic or reliable as it used to be, which could be driving more people toward Instagram. (I suspect the Instagram bubble is also going to die at some point, but that’s the case of all popular things, right?) But at the end of the day, if you want to create content via blogging, go for it!
    Also, I had to laugh at your self-description of feeling more aged Millennial than young Gen Z re: your blogging preference. I’m in my 30s and I’m used to Millennials and Gen X thinking of “Millennial” as young. Honestly, I think you’re right. Millennials aren’t young anymore.

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  6. Yes I do tend to agree with you. I get more views, and even more interaction, on my Instagram posts these days. Seems that most people like to skim, look fleetingly at pics rather than read anything too lengthy. Such a shame.

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  7. I totally agree. I think it’s hard to compete with the apparently stellar algorithm tiktok has or the levels of fame youtubers have, so many don’t bother trying to slowly build a blog following. It’s sad, but I think it’ll come back around one day the way fashion has changing trends that come back.

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  8. Short attention spans, myriad options, and lack of reading appetite has surely changed the game for writers. It takes a lot of promotion and effort (more than the writing) to get people who genuinely read and engage with a blog.

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  9. I don’t think blogging is a dying art form. My stats have continued to climb steadily over the years. However, I do blog for a living and have probably picked up a few good habits along the way. Apparently, I haven’t picked up any trade secrets for vlogs yet, because my blog still outperforms it. 😂

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  10. It kind of rivals that of Facebook and instagram… they’re not so much social media as they are platforms for business, agendas, etc…

    I don’t want blogs to go away. Their are some awesome people with extraordinary lives on here you wouldn’t meet anywhere else.

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  11. you touched upon a loaded topic Rosie. There’s so much happenning with GenZ that they themselves don’t know what’s the best thing to do. I feel for them. But I think there is a section that reads and reads well. It’s my experience with my nieces for instance who look forward to read my blogs. I for one love inspiring and spending time with the younger generation, they are so many gifted and ambitious ones among them and their dreams are so big and their focus on sticking to their roots so strong, it touches me.

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  12. This makes me so sad but I agree! Blogging now doesn’t feel like blogging several years ago. So much has changed and people aren’t reading and engaging as much anymore. I don’t want blogging to go away because I enjoy the friendships that I’ve made and look forward to reading blog posts but it’s also really easy to consume other types of content that you don’t have to sit down and read.

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  13. I was an English major in college when I really started getting into blogging. It was the perfect outlet for my creative brain at the time and I’ve been chasing it around ever since. I don’t get the impression it’s falling out of trend as much as people think, but I do feel it’s evolved and will continue to evolve and may even circle back to what it was in the early 2000s and then change again. Trends are constantly recycled so I just do what feels natural to me. I know I will never be a famous TikTok or Instagram influencer and I don’t know that I’d really want to be. It sounds like insanely tedious work from what I’ve read about it. I started blogging when being a personal blogger was the thing and I’m still very much caught up in personal writing so even though it may be “cheugy” now (which apparently is the new word for ‘out of trend’) I still feel drawn to it, so I will continue pursuing personal blogging/writing. If for nothing else than my own creative therapy. It just suits me better as a naturally inclined reader/writer.

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  14. I am glad I found your blog 😀 fellow Millennial. I don’t think blogging is dead but it’s slowing down. I actually started back my personal entertainment games blog strangely after the algorithm on Instagram change I think 1-2 years back and found it was better to write thoughts out rather than do a TikTok dance. It does not give context. But I do think Gen Z and Us are on multiple platforms so perhaps reaching them is harder since there is more choice for consumption.

    Actually reading I find it faster and more accurate to know the context what is going on.

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