Getting Back Into Travel

I’ve spoken a lot about how the hardest part of the pandemic for me was losing a sense of joy. One of the things that brings me the most amount of joy is traveling, and obviously we haven’t been doing much of that.

I will cautiously say that things are finally feeling like they are getting back to normal, especially as most people I know are completely vaccinated so I feel safe to be around them without the fear of hurting them. In the past year or so, we have traveled out of state a few times. We went camping once, we went back and forth between New Hampshire and New Jersey a few times for socially-distanced family time at the lake or beach, but we haven’t really traveled.

The last time I got on a planed was December 2020 for our trip to Amsterdam. It was way before the world blew up and my boyfriend and I had already booked some other trips for bachelorette parties and weddings. I never imagined they’d be put on hold, I’d never imagine that I wouldn’t set foot on a plane again for another 17 months.

Our first trip back was one to Key West! We attended a rescheduled wedding and taking a few days to relax as well. Here’s some things of note as I make my way back into travel:

Traveling overall:

I don’t think airlines completely have it all together for the volume of people that are starting to book flights. Our flight was delayed due to understaffing and systems were down across airlines which was an actual nightmare at the airport.

The airport:

Everyone still had to wear masks unless eating/drinking but security was fast and everything felt like business as usual.

The plane:

Everyone had to wear masks and it seemed like everyone complied. I don’t know how much I believe they fully sanitize the plane in between passengers.

The destination:

Key West was like pandemic who? We only had to wear masks when taking Ubers, but granted we were outside 98% of the time.

I probably won’t plan a plane trip like that again and I honestly forgot how expensive it can be to travel within the United States. I’m looking forward to more domestic trips in the upcoming months though, the travel bug is definitely back!

Do you plan on any air travel in the upcoming months?

30 thoughts on “Getting Back Into Travel

  1. My husband’s ‘mate’ from college has invited us to his wedding at the end of July that is:
    -in Scotland
    -taking place at a castle
    Sounds like a dream, right? The only catch: since the hubs just became a US citizen, he had to apply for a US passport which he is waiting to get back and we’re not sure when that will be. So at this point, we haven’t made a single plan and as the date creeps closer I’m losing more hope that we will actually get to go. 😦

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      1. He sent in all of his paperwork in early March and got an email saying they received it April 20th and that it will take 10-12 weeks from the April date for them to process it…


  2. “Outside is expensive!” lol, it really adds up quickly. I’m headed to San Diego in June and then Orlando in July and though I’m excited for my first vacations in forever, I’m a little apprehensive of flying and also paying a ton of money. But, I also know it will be worth it and my heart will be full.

    I’m so glad you got to travel and have a blast!

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  3. We’ve been thinking that we wouldn’t fly anywhere until maybe the start of next year for Suzi’s birthday, but we had a conversation along the lines of “Well … maybe we can fly to Philadelphia this summer and then drive around Pennsylvania a bit? We’re both fully vaccinated, and it’s only a 45-minute flight … right?”

    So I would say the bug is starting to nibble around us a little bit.

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  4. Florida is crazy, yo. I have a bunch of friends and a family member there, and there is never a dull moment in Florida. And I also live in a state where it’s wackadoodle. I think we’re the states where they will offer incentives to spit on each other and have parades with the themes of “bootstraps” where there will be retirees dancing polka on floats and whomever is calling the dance is yelling, “Now do-see-do and pull yourself up by yer bootstraps, because we don’t like no handouts!” Anyway, yes, traveling and socializing are very much missed.

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  5. We haven’t travelled by plane since December 2019. We haven’t seen our parents since Christmas, 2019. We haven’t driven to the states since February 2020. Canada is very backwards and it’s just not safe for us to travel right now. I have my first dose, but who knows when I’ll be able to get my second dose. Again, Canada is a very backwards country and the lax rules and high case counts doesn’t make me feel too confident about traveling right now.

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  6. Sigh I miss travelling! Even just a simple road trip would be nice! Miss discovering new and exciting destinations!

    As for when? Hopefully in 12 months? Canada is still getting their crap together with the vaccine situation so we’ll see! 🙏🤞

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  7. It feels so weird to travel now! We just got back from visiting my sister and her new baby in New Hampshire and being on an airplane again was super weird. We used to travel a lot because my husband works for an airline so we have flight benefits so travel was cheap and easy. Now it feels like more of a hassle and I’m not as comfortable. I’m excited to get back to traveling though! We had planned a big Europe trip for 2020 so I’d love to be able to do that one day.

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  8. My last international holiday was in February 2020. I booked a week away in Italy thinking that I will have other holidays later in the year. I cannot wait to travel outside Europe again. What’s sure is that I still got the travel bug. This pandemic only made it worse 🙂


  9. Covid caught a lot of people off guard. Many became depressed because they were unable to explore and enjoy their surroundings. Thanks for sharing this. Let me know if I can be of assistance in the future. Tracy @

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  10. I can feel you right here on the other side of the world. I’m from the Philippines, by the way.

    Just before the pandemic hits, I planned 4 international trips. First, it’s Japan, then Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

    My hopes were really high to have one of the best years of my life, then it was all gone in a snap!


    Anyway, keep safe! Just dropping by.


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