May Recap

Favorite show: Law & Order SVU

Favorite memory: Going to Key West! It was our first time traveling in sooo long and it was nice to feel relaxed and not tired for once.

Favorite Instagram: I turned 28 😊

Favorite tweet: I forgot about post-vacation work scaries

One thing I did to get out of my comfort zone: I bought myself a point and shoot film camera for my birthday and it’s been fun to revisit film again, I haven’t used a film camera since high school!

Favorite book: Finished Water for Elephants and picked up Of Blood and Ash again!

Favorite blog post: So what’s the verdict, is blogging dying?

Tell me one of your favorite things about May in the comments!

6 thoughts on “May Recap

  1. I don’t think blogging will ever die without me knowing. I’ll be dead if it ever does !Cute picture- love your eye shadow, and one of my favourite things about May is that I got to a better position in my workplace. Not a up the ladder position, just feeling more comfortable and secure and happy with it!

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