Reverse Bucket List – Part 1

Bex provided me the idea of a reverse bucket list, listing things I’ve already done that are kind of once in a lifetime things. So in my 28 years, here’s a bunch of things I’ve done that I will never do again (probably).

  1. Graduated high school
  2. Graduated college
  3. High-fived a tarantula
  4. Touched a sloth
  5. Hiked 9 miles in New Hampshire
  6. Ate a barnacle
  7. Hiked up a glacier
  8. Walked up the Egyptian Pyramids
  9. Bathed with elephants in Thailand
  10. Visited the Mall of America

Maybe in a few years I can come back and update it with more things I’ve done, but for now I’m pretty impressed with my list. It’s nice to look at all these things that are honestly weird and incredible.

What’s one of your reverse bucket list items?

17 thoughts on “Reverse Bucket List – Part 1

  1. I visited the Mall of America too! I can thank my husband for dragging me there since I didn’t feel like going, but now I’m glad that I did! 🙂

    I’ve eaten snails, does that count as something interesting? I used to eat them often as a kid. They aren’t that bad. A bit crunchy but otherwise palatable. I didn’t know that barnacles were edible.

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    1. The Mall of America wasn’t very impressive to me but it’s still nice to say I’ve been there! I don’t know if all barnacles are edible but we had them in the Azores where people eat them quite a bit!

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  2. Does it count if it’s a bucket list item that I’ve already crossed off? Like singing the national anthem at a minor league baseball game… That was on my bucket list and it was really cool at the time. But it was also super nerve wracking and I don’t think I want to put myself through that process again.

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