Revisiting My Word Of 2021

My word for this year is well-being and I chose it because I’ve been really lacking in taking care of myself. I’m not great at keeping in touch with friends, with doing what’s best for my body, or minding my mental health.

We’re about halfway through the year and I can’t say I’m doing a great job at improving my well-being. I started a nutrition program a couple months back that was really helpful, I feel like I have shifted my food mindset and lost some weight and feel a little bit better about myself. But I still suck at working out, it’s just not something I’m ever really going to enjoy. But if you have any tips on this I’m all ears!

I’m also not great at keeping in touch with people. As an introvert, I just lack the energy to reach out to friends and make plans. I feel like most of my extroversion is spent at work and with my boyfriend so I just don’t have the drive in me to do more beyond that.

As for my mental health, I think the summer naturally helps with that because I get to go out and do the things I enjoy and soak up some Vitamin D. But it just seems like a temporary solution to me.

My word for 2020 was acceptance and I definitely think I’ve embodied that better than I have well-being. I am much better at taking the things thrown at me, dealing with them productively, and moving on from the situation. We may be out of 2020, but I’m proud of my growth and progress in that sense.

There’s still time to keep working on my word for 2021. Did you choose a word or resolution for the year? How’s it going?

12 thoughts on “Revisiting My Word Of 2021

  1. That’s such an interesting idea I’ve never heard of word of the year as opposed to/alongside resolutions. I think the fact that you are acknowledging you don’t have the mental energy to do certain things IS well-being. It’s ok to invest your time and energy into yourself, I’m introverted and don’t see my friends often but when I do we talk like no time has passed and it’s always something casual, sometimes even just a cuppa and a natter at home.

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  2. My resolution for this year was to focus on bettering myself. I haven’t really dedicated a whole year to myself for myself because I’ve always done it for the approval of others. The first few months of 2021 were hard and sometimes I still struggle with changing myself for others approval, but right now it’s a lot better. I like the idea of having a word for the year. Maybe for 2022 I’ll try that😊

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