Weekend In The Adirondacks

Every summer for the past 4 years, my boyfriend and I have taken time to meet up with some of our college friends. Usually, we plan a trip away and this year we went up to the Lake George region! I mentioned before that this is the year of domestic travel and we had never been up this way. Because it was a friend trip, we didn’t do a whole lot of activities because the point was to see our friends, but here are a few highlights from the trip.

  1. I forgot how bad traffic is in the summer, it’s actually torture. I am definitely not looking forward to that trend continuing for our upcoming road trips.
  2. The Adirondacks region is soooo pretty, would highly recommend if you’re looking to unplug!
  3. We booked a lazy river tubing experience at the North Creek Rafting Company and although we hit some rocks on the way, it was relatively easy and a lot of fun.
  4. I’ve always wanted to do a rail-biking experience and along the Hudson is a perfect place to do so with Revolution Rail Co.!
  5. Izzy’s Market & Deli has really good sandwiches.

Have you ever been to Lake George? Tell me about your favorite trip highlights in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Weekend In The Adirondacks

  1. I didn’t even know rail biking was a thing. Looks like fun!

    We live by a river and spend nearly every weekend tubing. Luckily we frequent a section with very few rocks, but when the water is low it can get tricky.

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