The Unknowns Of The Pandemic

I am really fortunate to not have yet been heavily burdened by COVID-19. I am fortunate that no one I know has died or even gotten very sick. I am fortunate in that I have a job now and I am vaccinated.

But man, this pandemic has thrown me for a loop mentally.

Just when we all think things are getting back to relatively normal, the delta variant seems to be coming full steam ahead. And it’s no secret through this entire thing, I’ve been super naïve. Like when it first started I thought we’d be back to normal in 2 weeks, and then after that it would surely be normal by the end of the summer, and now 17 months later I was SURE we were reaching the end.

I tentatively started booking domestic travel and RSVPing to weddings that wouldn’t be cancelled or rescheduled this time.

And because I was so naiive before, now I’m just extra cautious. Now I think everything’s going to be cancelled and everything’s going to be locked down and even plans I made a few weeks from now are uncertain.

It’s the unknowns of the pandemic that have really gotten to me. For a long time we were waiting for the vaccine and after that things felt a little more certain, like I had a timeline to follow. But now were back into the unknowns because so many people, vaccinated or not, are still spreading COVID-19.

So will I be work from home again in a few months? Will we get to go to Kentucky? Will we even get flight credits this time or refunds on hotels?

Who knows?

10 thoughts on “The Unknowns Of The Pandemic

  1. I’m going through the same thing. Part of me feels like I’m ready to say screw it and live my life, no one can tell me what to do, and if it’s my time to get sick and/or worse, then it’s my time, because I can’t constantly live in fear of what might happen. But another part of me feels that it’s irresponsible to do that, especially if my actions cause others to get sick. This is not the world I want to live in…

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  2. You are absolutely right in indicating that some kind of pandemic culture has set in and it will take a lot time & efforts to get out of it even when the pandemic is over!So its best for us to stay restricted and take advantage of the surplus time at hand! Thanks for sharing such crucial views!

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  3. I think, if people didn’t have the pandemic, global anything, aliens from outer space, the secret people make up down the street, they’d have to invent things to occupy their lives. People are funny. They simply can’t think for themselves.

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