Quick Trip to New England

It’s been almost a year since we moved out of New Hampshire (more to come on that) and I was hoping to get to New England sooner than this but there’s been this pesky pandemic happening. We decided to break up the verrrry long drive by hitting a couple stops along the way.

The first stop was our old stomping grounds of Manchester, NH. We got dinner at my beloved Gyro Spot and then walked the river walk right next to where we used to live.

Then we stayed 2 nights in the White Mountains. This was our second time staying in a cabin at Along the River Campground, we even stayed in the same cabin we did in 2018. We always hit up Yaya’s for breakfast and snacks and we hiked 2 locations (and didn’t almost break up this time).

  • Sabbaday Falls – super short with great waterfall views
  • Lincoln Woods Trail – a 3.2 mile trip out and back to see Franconia Falls. It was almost completely flat the whole way (thank god) but the 7 mile trek still left me a little sore.

We hit Manchester again on our way back down south to visit Livingston Park, our pup’s favorite park, and picnic to eat some Mr. Mac’s.

We spent a night in Mystic, CT. It’s one of the northeastern states I haven’t spent much time in and I heard great things about how underrated Mystic is. It was a cute town but Connecticut is just…..not my favorite state.

We, of course, had to get pizza at Mystic Pizza which wasn’t good (I’m from NJ so the pizza is hard to live up to) and we later went back to our hotel and watched the movie because we didn’t even know really why it was famous. The movie is really cute! Highly recommend.

We walked around the Olde Mistick Village and came back the next morning for donuts at Deviant Donuts and they were pretty good! Very fluffy.

And that’s a wrap up of our trip! It’s funny because my boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years and have traveled A LOT in that time, but I feel like we are just now getting the hang of it. We’re both pretty high strung so it takes a lot for us to have a seamless travel experience lol but I’m happy that we’ve gotten to this place!

Where should I go in New England next?

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