If My World Was Ending

Let’s just start this off with the fact that I’m a pessimistic overthinker. I think about all the bad things that could happen all the time. So I’ve given a lot of thought to what I would do if my world was ending. And by ending this could mean a variety of thing, I suffer some sort of tragedy that just completely changes my life, I’m diagnosed with a terminal disease, a zombie apocalypse is occurring, etc.

I’d LIKE to think that I would balls up and do everything I’ve ever wanted to do. I’d finally take the opportunity to do every single thing that would make me happy. I’d spend down my bank account, travel the world, donate to help all the dogs in the world, spend time with my family, all that fun stuff.

But living through a pandemic has really made me realize I probably wouldn’t move outside my norm. Like when I watch zombie apocalypse movies I think about how I’d barricade myself in my house and wait for it all to end. But I’m currently living through a pandemic where I still go to work every day, the grocery store, etc. I wear a mask and got vaccinated, but I’d definitely be a zombie by now.

It just further strengthens how we can’t wait and put things off in our lives. I know a lot of people will push their dreams or traveling off until they retire. But what if you never retire? What if by the time you can retire you’re not physically able to do those things anymore?

Personally, I can’t wait for the world to be ending to be doing the things that make me happy.

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