Things I’ve Learned 5 Years Into A Relationship

If you scroll wayyyy back on this blog, you’ll find some posts from a time in my life where I was anxious, heart broken, depressed, and jaded. It was a time in my life where I had to be alone to grow because I had just gotten out of a toxic relationship that didn’t end on my terms at all.

Sometimes we need that. Sometimes we need our space to make mistakes, to fuck up, to do big things, and wallow in sad things alone.

But sometimes we don’t need to be alone.

My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this week. It’s the longest relationship I’ve been in.

What have I learned? Well you can take a look at some of the posts I’ve written over the past years. But this year, I came to the realization that I don’t need to be alone to grow.

In fact, he makes me grow and shows me happiness and guides me in ways I could never do on my own. If you scroll wayyyy back on this blog I was sad and I was alone. Today, I am happy and have the best little family around.

My boyfriend and I grow together. We recognize our mistakes and fix them, together. There’s no reason to back out or get scared and there’s no reason to face things alone anymore. While I think a lot of people would do good with some alone time, especially after a break up from a relationship that caused you to lose yourself, a good relationship means someone you can grow together.

30 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned 5 Years Into A Relationship

  1. I am compelled to your posts. I met my boyfriend in 2019, and being in a relationship with him defines my happiness with him. We went from two kids to four (I was a single mom of two when he and I met) and, hopefully, six more before we’re 50!!!

    Your blog is beautiful. Happy anniversary and may you continue to have delicious and adventurous years to come.

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