Completed Summer Bucket List

I’m not really one to rush the end of summer, but it seems like fall is coming fast! I had a great summer and it FLEW by, there were still some things we didn’t get to accomplish. My boyfriend and I have actually gone to a sunflower field for the past 5(?) years of our relationship and couldn’t swing it this year. At least the next time we make it to one it will be that much more special 🙂

  1. Read 5 books
  2. Go on a trip with friends
  3. Go to New Hampshire
  4. Have a picnic
  5. Visit a sunflower field
  6. Visit a winery
    A brewery counts right?
  7. Try something new
    Upcycled some furniture for the first time!
  8. Do touristy things in NYC
  9. Go to the beach at least once a month
  10. See live music
  11. Crochet a summery tank top
  12. Watch Italy win the Eurocup
  13. Go to a new donut place

What’s one fun thing you did this summer?

20 thoughts on “Completed Summer Bucket List

      1. Awe no I’m sorry to hear that! I’ve heard it was the writing that bored people. I’m currently reading the Invisible Life of Addie Larue. It’s very adventurous (to me) if you’re interested

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      1. That’s awesome! I still have some tray tables I found in a dumpster (yes, I jumped in to get them). You really can’t beat the feeling of finding free furniture and upcycling it to what you want it to be.

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      2. When we bought our house we invested in new pieces, but I’m the same way. I thrifted a leather club chair for $15 from the YMCA and it’s sitting next to our $$$ (kind of embarrassed to admit how much we spent) sectional with one of the ‘dumpster tables’ in between. 🙂

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